When we first meet or, if you are out of town, talk on the phone, we will have a chat to decide whether we are willing to work together. This is important because you do have choices on who you engage for this quest, and I recognize that my personality and style may not match everybody’s. Think of it as a two-way interview.

• I will explain Agency Disclosures and Buyer Representation, and answer any questions you may have. In California, we have Single Agency (agent represents only one party), and Dual Agency (agent represents buyer and seller, but only when disclosed and approved by both). I will answer any questions you may have.

• We will discuss your requirements to guide our home search, and I will give you tools to help you and me stay synchronized on that search.

• We will discuss financing, whether you have a lender in mind or need assistance finding one, in order to become pre-approved to obtain a loan.

• We will view some properties either together or by e-mail, and then schedule a time to tour homes for sale. I will use my professional subscriptions to access listing information that I will share with you, but also I will use my network of contacts within and outside the real estate industry, and other search methods to find you a home.

• After seeing the homes, we will review, and fine tune our search parameters.

• I will preview homes on the market, and relay information on them to you, to save you time.

• I will coordinate home viewings, and accompany you.

• I will advise you on the market value of the homes of interest to you, and help you negotiate the best price.

• I will supervise all aspects of the transaction, from presentation of the offer, to inspections, escrow, lender and others involved.

My involvement in this relationship goes beyond closing. I want you satisfied, for many reasons: One of them is, it’s my duty as your buyer’s agent. But another one is: your referrals are important to me, and I strive to earn your satisfaction to the point where you will be eager to tell your friends that I can take care of them too!