If you are a first time home buyer, you may be excited and overwhelmed at the prospect of such a big commitment. I remember the first time I purchased property and, as I recall, I was terrified! Luckily, I had a great agent guiding me through the whole experience. His name is Rick and he is retired from real estate sales but, a couple of decades after that transaction, we are still friends. What I liked the most about Rick was that he conveyed to me that, as long as he was involved, everything would be alright. And it was!

I will take the mystery and fear out of buying your home, and you and I will make it fun. This is important because I am all about avoiding un-fun activity!

Your learning curve will be steep during this adventure, and I will be your guide as we go through it—I will take the mystery out of it. A preview of what we will cover:

• Agency relationships. Who is who, who works for whom? (as your buyer’s agent, I work for you!)

• My duties to you as your agent: obedience, loyalty, disclosure, confidentiality, accounting, reasonable care and diligence

• Compensation options

• Sources of available properties

• Who is who in a real estate purchase: brokers, agents, escrow officers, lenders, inspectors.

• Offers and counteroffers

• Escrow, the bonded neutral territory working for buyer and seller...and how it facilitates the transaction

• Title: chain of title, title insurance.

• Inspections

• When and Why buy (forced savings plan, long-term appreciation through build up of equity)

• Financing. How it works, what you can expect. Points, prepayments, amortization, fixed versus adjustable

• Condo versus house, considerations when buying

• New versus resale

• Affordability