Buying a home is usually the largest financial investment people make. As such, it can be an intimidating prospect, especially for first-time buyers. My goal is to guide you through the complexities of the search and transaction while protecting your interests and make it fun.

The very first thing you and I will do is establish the agency relationship. When you engage my services as your buyer’s representative, as your agent, I will owe you what is called fiduciary responsibilities: loyalty, obedience, disclosure, reasonable care and diligence and accounting. You benefit from this because, by formalizing the relationship, you go from being a customer to being a client, with a number of advantages to you. As you buyer’s agent, I will

• Pay attention to your needs
• Tell you all I know about the seller
• Keep information about you confidential
• Focus on choices that satisfy your needs
• Provide material facts as well as professional advice
• Provide price advice based on comparable properties
• Protect and guide you
• Negotiate on your behalf
• Attempt to solve problems to your advantage and satisfaction

It was not always this way in real estate. For many years, the agency relationship was only extended to sellers. Real estate agents who brought a buyer to the seller was actually working as a sub-agent to the seller. This began changing in the 1980s, when buyer agency started becoming popular. As a buyer, it is to your benefit to work with a real estate professional who will commit to being your agent.